Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Random, meaningless conversations,
Over coffee, tea, and otherwise.
Senseless jabbering and constant whining,
News and tales from the present and past.
Shopping escapades, brands and whatever else.
Cuisines experimented, donuts devoured,
Pulling of legs, daydreaming of love.
Exploring, discovering, and re-discovering life as such.
Understanding cultures to find new meaning,
Dancing to the rhythm, moving to the beat,
Singing to the tune and running against the breeze.
Laughing it out, crying it out,
Promising to live, love, and forgive.
Too less of time, yet a heart full of memories,
Of happiness, laughter, and thoughtfulness galore.
Saying goodbye, is not for us,
Cause we'd forever be in each other's heart.


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