Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Day at the Universal Studios Singapore

A day filled with incredible fun and frolic...

Yes, that's exactly how I'd describe our day at the Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa. It was absolutely worth the time and money. If you're ever visiting Singapore, this place is definitely a must-visit.

Entrance to Sentosa World

What a splendid day it was! We spent an entire day at the Studios and left at around 6 pm, as we were too tired and exhausted with all the fun we had. I traveled to Singapore with my cousin and his wife (who also happens to be my bestie) and this one day will forever be etched in our memories.

Us, at the Universal Studios Singapore
As we entered this Hollywood theme park at around 10 am in the morning it was as if were in a different planet all together. Miles away from Mumbai, miles away from crazy work schedules, and away from any kind of stress.

Offering around 24 Hollywood-themed rides and attractions, the Universal Studios Singapore is entertainment, thrill, and fun at its best. The several themes featured at this park include New York, Sci-Fi, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, and Ancient Egypt.

After having walked around for a while, we started off with the The Transformer Ride. "Mind-boggling" is the word! This thrilling 3-D ride, with an amazing story line, literally took our breath away. And so we had the best start ever. Walked on the streets of New York, enjoyed street theater, got introduced to the adorable characters of Madagascar, dined at Ancient Egypt, visited Shrek and did many more things.
Ride after ride, thrill after thrill, what a pure delight it was!

Here are some clicks from the day:

Monster Rock

Space Chaser
Entrance to the Lost World

Ancient Egypt

Street Show by the characters of Madagascar

Admission rates to the Universal Studios Singapore:

S$74 / Adult
S$54 / Child (4 - 12 years old)
S$36 / Senior (60 years old & above)

2 day Pass:
S$118 / Adult
S$88 / Child (4 - 12 years old)
S$58 / Senior (65 years old & above)

Express Pass:


10am - 7pm (Mon - Sun)

Some Tips:
  • Travel light
  • Carry sunglasses, sunscreen, and water
  • Dress comfortably
  • Wear good walking shoes
  • And finally, do click a lot of pictures

We had the time of our life at the Universal Studios Singapore and we're dying to visit
 that place again. Well, what a day it was!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lover Of My Soul

So much beauty in your presence,
Unfathomable love that I can sense.
Your voice so profound and overwhelming,
Your touch so soft and soothing.
At your feet sorrows disappear,
In your arms I find cheer.

Jesus, you're the lover of my soul.

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Intoxicated in your love,
Flabbergasted by your touch,
Here I stand, awe-struck.
I will never be the same,
For I've felt your tender grace,
And its all that I need.
You delight me like nobody else,
You surround me in my brokenness,
You've loved me when I least deserved,
Oh, I'm devoted to you.

So I come running into your arms,
In your presence, I'm at home.
You're the lover of my soul.

Higher than the highest star,
Deeper than the deepest ocean,
Wider than the universe,
Longer than eternity,
Unfolding like a mystery,
Your love, Oh Lord,
Breathes meaning to my life.


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