Saturday, 16 February 2013

Abundant Love

Though I tread,
Broken and shattered,
Upon the valley,
Where the shadow of death lurks.
With tommorow appearing so distant,
Blurred and bleary,
And giving up is easy.
When I'm drowned in pain,
My heart bleeding in distress.
It's not in me to aspire,
As my world comes crashing over.
My strength is faint,
And my body weary.
Lonely and abandoned,
I'm out of words.
Even when I put on a fake smile,
Pretending as if all's good -

You know me inside-out.
And you take me by your side.
You whisper into my ears,
And sing to me a song of love.
Hiding me in your wings,
You lift me up from where I am.
And wrap me in your arms.
Oh, how great is your mercy,
How great is your love!
And so my mouth will praise you,
With my heart filled with gratitude,
I will love you, 
My soul will delight in you.
I'm so glad to have known you!


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