Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Life In Vain

The alarm rings
Announcing the break of daylight
And the day begins
So does the chase
On a mundane day of the year
Yes, it is a day
Morning, afternoon
Evening and night
Moments in time
Moments of a life
Spent on a mission
Mostly on a task to survive
Meeting targets
Crossing expectations
Staying alive
And so the saga continues
Moments become hours
Hours become days
Days turn into years
And years into a lifetime
A life spent chasing
A life less lived
A life in vain.


  1. Lifecycle in simple words, well written.

    Yes, our life goes on chasing something, finally nothing :)

  2. Very well said. This is sadly for most of us. Only a few people have deciphered to have a purpose in life and they don't chase life anymore.

  3. "A life spent chasing
    A life less lived
    A life in vain."

    Harsh reality of our life....beautifully portrayed through words!


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