Friday, 1 February 2013

100 Things To Do Before I Die - My Bucket List

On the fourth of this month I'm going to turn 25. The idea of turning 25 somehow fails to interest me. Wish I could stay 24 for a longer while.  It's as if I've not yet done a whole lot things that I've always wanted to do. Hence the idea of putting down a bucket list. I'm sure the list will keep expanding over time. But as of now, as of today here's the 100 things I want to do before I die:

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1. Travel all around the world
2. Run a marathon
3. Write a book
4. Get published in the local newspaper/ magazine
5. Learn to play the flute
6. Master playing the piano
7. Volunteer at an orphanage
8. Read at least 500 books
9. Learn ball room dancing
10. Live in a different country for at least 3 months
11. Learn a new language
13. Go bungee jumping
14. Go sky diving
15. Go snorkeling
16. Try out at least 100 recipes
17. Watch the sun rise
18. Watch the sun set
19. Make a big difference in someone's life
20. See snow
21. Eat at one of the world's best restaurants
22. Own an apartment
23. Help a random stranger in distress
24. Solve a Rubik's cube
25. Get my driver's license
26. Ride a horse
27. Go cycling
28. Attend the Olympic games
29. Get passionate about a cause
30. Ride a hot air balloon
31. Write a song
32. Plant a tree
33. Donate blood
34. Learn to master chess
35. Read a whole book in a day
36. Go fishing
37. Donate a book to a public library.
38. Learn to swim
39. Learn to sing (really well)
40. Meet a famous person that inspires me
41. Teach an illiterate person to read
42. Get a Ph. D
43. Develop general knowledge on important topics
44. Appear on television
45. Get on a helicopter
46. Take a submarine tour
47. Fly a kite
48. Sleep under the stars
49. Fly first class
50. Learn how to take a compliment well
51. Travel alone on a holiday
52. Take a cruise
53. Memorize a poem
54. Learn to whistle
55. Go on a safari
56. Learn sign language
57. Go camping in the wild
58. Make a snow man
59. Throw a snow ball on someone
60. Learn to manage time and to be more productive.
61. Sleep in a hammock
62. Grow a garden
63. Maintain my ideal weight
64. Grow vegetables
65. Mentor someone
66. Go on a mission trip
67. Become financially literate
68. Triple my reading speed
69. Sponsor a child's education
70. Organize a charity event
71. Continue to read the Bible every single day
72. Be prepared in season and out of season to share the gospel
73. Share the love of Christ with at least one person a day
75. Learn to love
76. Learn to forgive easily
77. Learn to be humble
78. Learn to be bold
79. Become a good and engaging public speaker
80. Learn more about emceeing
81. Learn professional photography
82. Learn Photoshop
83. Improve creative writing skills
84. Learn to play the violin
85. Make plenty of good friends
86. Blog regularly
87. Write regularly.
88. Read something new everyday
89. Think out of the box at all times
90. Attend the Wagah border parade
91. Attend the Republic Day parade
93. Go on a road trip
94. Bake a birthday cake for someone
95. Be able to cook and churn out delicious meals
96. Have 10,00,000 visitors on my blog.
97. Be a good human being
98. Find my soul mate
99. Fall in love
100. Get married!

I'm not really sure about all the adventurous stuff. I might develop a cold feet at the last minute and like always my friends will have to push me through it.

Cheers to life!!


  1. No offense, so you mean marriage is death?? Dats the last wish in ur list!

  2. awesome dear... i was just like wow after reading this... i too wrote a bucket list but it was just 10 of my wishes and i wish may all ur dream come true :)

    1. haha...thanks dear for patiently going through my list...:)

  3. Brilliant list. Wishing you all the best in accomplishing all these :)

    Here is mine. Slightly more ambitious in terms of the time limit.

    1. Thanks Anil, did go through your list. Interesting indeed!!

  4. I think you will achieve all the 100. Think of a time frame for each in the list and you will soon achieve. Well, I have no idea about your death wish (err ....last wish as pointed out in one of the comments....) :)

  5. Nice list. Are you seriously going to check your list regularly? :) Have you given a time frame?

    I'd like to do some of these and yes, have done many others from this list. :)

    All the best.

    P.S.- Can you pls enable the Name/URL option for commenting ?
    Below is my URL.

    Nisha - Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

    1. Yes, i do want to check the list and cross of things that I accomplish. Haven't given a time frame yet. Thanks

  6. Great Bucket list Jessy ! Hope you achieve all of them :)

  7. incredible :) wish u all d luck to achieve all dose 100 :) !!!! and btw hbd in advance :)

  8. How mant have you accomplished yet???

    My new blog update:

    1. Nothing as whole yet...but have been taking baby steps towards some.

  9. Aww..wonderful list.All the best..:-)

  10. what a lovely list!! i tried sth like this a few years ago - cldnt go beyond 12 things methinks... so awesome that u cld compile a list like this.

  11. An interesting list to achieve for. Happy Birthday in advance, dear Jessy! Keep growing! :)

  12. Wish you all the best to achieve those 100 things. Quite a long list, but worth achieving. And advance birthday wishes.

  13. Wonderful idea...I loved the last 3-
    Find my soul mate
    Fall in love
    Get married!

    When you have your soul mate in your does indicate completion.

  14. seriously...too many dreams...GOD bless u... :)

    PS: never thought of my bucket list actually...have to do so soon(atleast before I die)... :P

  15. Hi Jessy,

    Ok, I've done point 35 and 96. Ooops, I guess that's about it :p

    I so wish points 3,4,13,14,15 happen really quickly because I'm waiting for them to happen.

    What a bucket full of this list. Any plans of making it 200 in the future??? :) :) :) :)

    Wish you luck for the list :D


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    1. Thanks Jay! This is bound to expand for sure and may reach 200 or more ;)
      Hope your dreams come true as well! :)

  16. I really really wish that you will accomplish and live all your wishlist and have a wonderful awesome life.


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