Friday, 22 February 2013

10 Things To Do When You Are Utterly Bored

Come on, we all feel bored at some point or the other. Here's a list of things to do when you're not having "the-time-of-your-life":

1. Make prank phone calls. It works all the time.
2. Pretend and walk around as though you are a ninja.
3. Stare at some random object for a minute. Roll yours eyes at least 5 times. Blink wildly for 20 seconds.And then shut them really tight. Repeat in the same order at least 10 times.
4. Go outside and follow the first person you come across.
5. Text message your friend backwards.
6. Keep staring at the back of someone's head till he/she turns around.

7. Talk to yourself in the mirror
8. Walk around in your room without your feet touching the floor.
9. Dance till you are out of breath.
10. Sing your favorite song as loudly as you can.



  1. woww :) haha Jess i really luvd this one :) the 4th point will b really crazy :)

  2. ha ha hell bored dese days being in my 8th sem of engg ,,,,will surely try sum ...:P

  3. 11. try walking on your head with ur legs in the air
    12. punch someone in the nose without touching him
    13. laugh at someone and make them feel uncomfortable

    etc etc :p

  4. I will surely try 4Th one. That one seems to be too adventurous.

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Really nice post, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you! Try also What to do when your bored they do new effect every day.

  6. 11. go to the beach and cried vehemently .
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