Saturday, 15 December 2012

Keep calm, write something

Writing is amazing therapy.

Stressed out? Worried? Unhappy? Never mind!
 Just take out a pen and paper and start writing. Start writing about anything and everything.
 May be it wouldn't make any sense at all at that point of time. But guess what, it will make you feel a lot better. 
So, when you feel all worn out just keep calm and write something!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Let the festivities begin...

Who doesn't enjoy shopping? We all do! A little indulgence, a bit more of self pampering and a few bucks spent on the perfect ensemble can get you all geared to rock this festive season. So get ready to hit the scene and make some kills.

This season lets go the Indian way. And let me tell you, there's nothing more elegant, more beautiful and more eye-catching than a well-draped gorgeous saree. A saree that is teamed up with the right accessories can give you the perfect look.

My pick for this season is a saree indeed!

Kashish Chiffon Embroidered Saree
Kashish Chiffon Embroidered Saree - INR 2999.00

AYESHA - Chandelier Dull Gold Earrings
Ayesha Chandelier Dull Gold Earrings - INR 290.00

AYESHA - Gold Diamante Studded Heart Bangle
AYESHA - Gold Diamante Studded Heart Bangle -  INR 490.00

Haute Curry Clutch - ICINCL2
Haute Curry Clutch - INR 899.00

Inc.5 - Ladies Footwear
Inc.5 - Ladies Footwear- INR 1995

Titan - RAGA Collection - Ladies Watch

Titan - RAGA Collection - Ladies Watch - INR 8500.00

AYESHA - Sparkling Gold Bow Hair Sliders
AYESHA - Sparkling Gold Bow Hair Sliders - INR 390.00

Shoppers stop has this and much more to offer. Do check them out!

One Day At A Time

Words fail
Eyes numb
Heart bleeds
Brain dead
The night falls asleep
Light breaks
Harsh rays
True lies
Cold shoulders
Planned escapes
One day at a time, one day at a time

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