Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Noisy Affair

Boom boom boom!

Can't bear the noise anymore.

In spite of having locked myself in my room, the cacophony follows me around. My ear drums long for some solitude. Some silence. Some peace.

But seems as though I'll have to keep waiting. Keep bearing.

What leaves me pondering is how the bursting of obnoxiously loud crackers can cause a spiritual elevation of any sort.

Unfair it is. Not to forget, the added pollution in the atmosphere. Depletion of the poor old ozone layer. And also the child labor involved in the manufacture of these crackers.

Say "NO" to patakas! Peace!


  1. Point well made Jessy. Festivals are more about the spirit of Joy and happiness rather than just the noise and smoke. I have solemnly vowed not to burst crackers. Hope others follow in these footsteps.
    Good post.
    Keep it up.



  2. I understand, Jessy. The moment unable to bear is when the children burst crackers at five in the morning, just beside your window!

  3. yes jessy crackers should be banned - :)i never burst crackers :)

  4. I completely agree and support you Jessy!
    Please read my recent "Subah-1" and "Subah-2" on the same issue!

  5. Diwali doesn't seem as much fun to me anymore and the only reason is crackers. They irk me to no end. How can creating noise pollution, air pollution, literally burning money and disturbing other's peace, be fun to anyone! Its just beyond me.

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  6. I too don't like noise. Not the least of crackers. But what about noise in writing? Doesn't that jar too?

  7. Firecrackers are fun by saying that i do see your point.


  8. well said jessy, Diwali should be celebrated with less noice without affecting pollution and waste.

  9. It's a sheer waste of money and God! so much of noise and atmosphere pollution!! They should be stopped now!


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