Friday, 7 September 2012

The Urge

there's a strong urge in me. 
to breath. and yet not to fit in but to stand out. 
to stand against the flow. fight against it. 
to shout out loud. make my voice heard. 
to fly. to rise above the clouds. 
to kill my fears. overpower.
to live differently. color my own rainbow.
 to live life the way i wish to.
the one life that i have. every moment. every dream.
 to make it true. to make it real.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy Times

So I've been published yet again. And this time my article is on LTGTR (Let The Good Times Roll) , an online youth magazine.

Let The Good Times Roll Magazine

Here's the link to the published article:

Keep reading, keep blogging! :)

Book Review: The lost Story

Title : The Lost Story
Authors: Amit Goyal and Sudhanshu Gupta
Genre: Fiction
Rating : 4/5

The plot of The Lost Story revolves around Sandy, an aspiring writer who gets the golden opportunity to work with the very acclaimed Salim Afzal. Together they decide to write a book that contains a collection of short stories, with the understanding that one of them would start the story and the other would end it. 

The stories by itself are surprisingly fresh and interesting and with each chapter the authors get us curious about Salim's past and the secret behind the locked door. In all, the novel is simple, light and refreshing.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mediahouse Mumbai - An Introduction

"Looking for an apt design for your webpage?
 Have an appetite for some brilliant clicks?
Wish to capture some memorable moments of your life?
Need to promote your brand?
Desirous of some sharp and crisp video edits or some exquisitely conceived videos?
Or simply, do you have a 'thought' that you want to bring into reality?
Mediahouse Mumbai can offer this and much more."

Founded in 2010, Mediahouse Mumbai offers a wide range of services pertaining to Graphic Design, Photography, Video Edits, Creative Concept Videos, Cinematic Trailers, Promos, Cinematography, Adverts, Web design and much more. Nonetheless, they are not restricted to these forms alone as they love exploring and find immense pleasure in taking up new challenges. 

Here's some of their recent clicks:

For more details, do visit their website, And also like their Facebook page, in order to receive constant updates on their activities. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

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