Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Walk

A walk
in the evening,

Past the piles of bricks 
and through the thick populace
where the wheels take over 
and the shouts and horns resound.

I think of Wordsworth's evening walk
and of emotions recollected in tranquility.
But what have I to describe,
and what have I to recollect?
Is it the noise or the smoke,
Or the filth and the garbage?
Or should I create a chronicle,
On creatures on the verge of extinction?

And then the sky begins to sprinkle
I feast on that moment of pleasure.
Silently wishing for more or so,
To erase the brutal scars of time,
To make the earth whole again.

Picture source: Google images


  1. Marvelous! Simply amazing! And the theme of it makes this poem all the more beautiful. Hope this work of yours gets as many reads as possible, 'coz it tells us something that we don't often care to think about. I am a nature enthusiast myself and everything i write has something to do with nature. So, when i see someone writing about nature, i feel elated.

    Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. So nice jess. Its very meaningful at d same time artistic.i like dis poem.

  3. beautiful poem Great work Jessy, its always fun to read ure blog


  4. This is so beautiful...wonderful wordplay! Am definitely going to come back :))

  5. woww.... awesome.... loved it keep going dear :)

  6. Nice Touch Jessy..:)
    But look beyond the dust and the gloom..
    Mumbai is an awesome place with a charm of its own aint it?

  7. Beautiful piece....well written Jessy :)

  8. for some reason, i read this earlier and thought of commenting, but must have got distracted. very beautifully written, jessy. love the sense of tranquility and purpose that it brings out.


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