Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Set Me Free

I  am a woman.
Source : Google Images
Created by the Almighty
For His own purpose divine
But why is it that I,
Have often been deprived of my rights?
Have often been treated with contempt?
Think of it, I'm human too,
With dreams to live,
And a life to lead.
I am she, I deserve much better!


  1. Nice poem.Sure,we deserve better,but we shall have to fight for it.

  2. Certainly...we deserve much more! As Indu said, it's not going to be easy...'we have to fight for it'.:)
    Neat one!

  3. fitting thoughts in few lines Good one

    "Created by the Almighty
    For His own purpose divine" liked it.

  4. nice poem indeed :),
    but Y shud we project women as fragile being , they are too powerful , they are supreme, yes I mean it.Women can do any thing any everything..This is what that shud be projected every time.It does no gud to the femine world by saying women aren't safe, they are weak .....
    "I am women , I am the divine
    bcoz of me the world can shine ....."

    1. It is a fact in our country, women are a deprived lot.

  5. beautiful jessy....
    hope things will change someday...........


  6. ..unfortunate are those who do not treat woman, the supreme power, the ultimate beauty, divinity itself, with respect and reverence!
    ..A deep poem indeed Jessy!

  7. hmmmm i have never felt week though i live in a mans world it all depends on a woman , her strength to stand alone !

    1. Kudos to the modern woman in you!

  8. *Stands up and salutes you*...that one was amazing...<3

  9. great ! sad but true .. We as women have to fight for our rights ...

  10. Well,jessy very nice poem. But personally i feel, if a woman is created by God almighty for a purpose as you wrote, then she ought to focus on that purpose rather than fighting for her rights. Moreover, all of those guys who think they must fight,i wanna ask you, whom are u gonna fight with? If u believe God has created you for a greater purpose(n its true according to bible) than you must trust in His ability 2fulfill that purpose for u.what do u say?

  11. i try doing the same and all i get is 4 lines that hardly have a proper meaning. And they don't even rhyme :( You're good! :)
    Anyway, feels good to be back here.
    www.Abuginmymind.Wordpress.com :)


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