Friday, 29 June 2012

Unspoken Words: 55 fiction

The wedding day had finally arrived. It was to be a grand, elaborate and pompous affair. The whole village was invited. Food was to be served in plenty. 

The bride sobbed silently, tears flowing down her tender cheeks. She wanted to study and become a doctor.

After all she was only 16, and he 51.

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  1. In 55 words the story speaks volumes and volumes. More than your words the photo is more effective.

  2. ..beautifully written Jessy!:)

  3. oh your 55 words speak so much .

  4. sad :( But the quality of writing is too good. Just 55 words have conveyed a lot of meaning

  5. A well written piece about a sad fact of our society.... girls and women should not be forced into dependence on a husband... its a recipe for danger...


  6. Really short ones -- that's the way to go! Nice.

  7. Ah, u are great with this genre. Plus, u weave it effortlessly with the society thereby elevating it to the level of a satire. The end never fails to surprise just like Agatha Christie. Awesome, mon ami :)

  8. The story shook me...
    And bought a lump in my throat...
    Very touchy and real...


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