Thursday, 14 June 2012

Poetry To Me

A shout, a scream, a piercing cry
A prayer, a dream, a silent plea
A train of thoughts
A frame of mind
Of voiceless words
And breathless rage

Emotions ripe
And numb with pain
Eruptions rise
And seek to burst
Not with tears 
Of unknown fears
But with words
And rhyme to vent

A stitch that holds the heart in place
Poetry to me, is mine own space.


  1. nice..... loved the last two lines in particular

  2. Very nice jess. Bt i think few lines were nt in proper rhyming which makes a poetry more attractive.

  3. Beautifully written. Lovely words that convey what poetry means to you. Exquisite!

  4. wow ! The words you've written tell how much you love poetry ! Continue writing such lovely poems ...good luk !

  5. Well written, brings out the spirit of poets and poetry well...:)

  6. Impeccable...and this is it!
    Lovely jess...:))))))))

  7. beautifully written..:)
    i too have tried my hand on poetry please have a look and tell me if i am any good or should stop doing it..


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