Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pen and Paper

When was the last time I picked up a pen and wrote a letter?

Well, may be 10 years back.

As a kid I loved writing letters and what I loved even more was receiving them.

My letters were written as neatly as possible, in good handwriting, without any or little mistakes. Carefully sealed and stamped, they were dropped at the nearest post box.

And then when the postman would deliver a letter in response, I would jump around the whole house in happiness. I also had a collection of old letters, stamps and postcards. But that was then.

Times have changed, technology has developed. These are the days of emails and social networking sites. But somehow I don't like writing emails. May be I'm too lazy for that. I'd rather leave a short message on somebody's wall. Nothing elaborate. Emails are mostly those that are forwarded in bulk. Some joke, some short story, some funny picture, and some other "forward to another 12, or you will die" rubbish.(how I hate them!!)

Yes, communication has no doubt become easier. But somehow somewhere something is amiss. May be its the personal touch. I keep wondering. May be its just me. Er...I have no clue.



  1. Jessy .. All are missing, not only you.....writting latters, poem or story on paper....nobody can forget the charm of writting....i still use pen and paer for writting..

  2. So true......


  3. But somehow somewhere something is amiss. May be its the personal touch..........."divine truth" :)
    miss those gud old days...

  4. We are virtually the last of the Mohicans!

  5. I remember the pen friend days. We used to write so many letters. Now consultants don't even like to write a report. They would rather submit a proposal in ppt format. Most of the people can't write, so their emails reflect their ability. Don't get disheartened responding to such emails. Why not start write some long emails or physical letters and give your friends and near and dear ones a surprise.

  6. Yes the feeling that those hands would have caressed this piece of paper .... that feeling doesnt come in the very impersonal email.

  7. Pen and Paper dayzz.... hmmm... even in these E-days we, our friends group do write letters... its a kind of pleasure for us :)reading letters in loved ones hand writting... its a special feeling... :) yaar no need to miss those days write letters ;) we do this once in 2 months....

  8. Writing a letter is such a romantic notion, we all love it but somehow have stopped doing :)

    1. may be our busy and hectic lifestyle is to be blamed.

  9. Good simple write up there. Something related to what I am thinking for last couple of months.

    This is the first time I have visited your blog, and I loved the theme. Simple, clear for the content.

    Keep up the good work ! :)

  10. I don't write letters, never had done before, though my dad used to write me often during college days. But i still prefer writing my blogposts in paper first..


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