Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fair and lovely...huh?

Its true. We are a nation obsessed with fairness.

Fair is lovely. Fair is beautiful. Fair is everything.

And thanks to all the celebrity endorsed fairness products and the aggressive marketing techniques, the obsession becomes even bigger.

Fairness creams can boost your confidence, take you from rags to riches, make you a star singer, a beautiful air hostess, a successful sportsperson and the most important; can get you married to Prince Charming!

If you've ever gone through the matrimonial adverts in the newspaper, they you'd know better.

I've known people who've used fairness creams since time im-memorable and if you calculate the number of "6 weeks" they have gone through, they ideally as promised by the manufacturers should have gone from dark to fair, fair to fairer and then the fairest. Woah!

An Aishwarya Rai, or a Hritik Roshan, one of a kind, one in a million, the rest of us are dusky in complexion, but still we keep striving hard to achieve the impossible.

We are born the way we are. We did not get a chance to choose our skin tone, or any thing else. However, when a baby is born in our country, the most asked question is, "Is he/she fair?"

Are the British to be blamed for engraving the "fair is superior" concept into our minds that even education and employment opportunities have failed to erase?

Women have always fallen prey to such discrimination based on complexion. The latest entry to the list of annoying fairness ads is that of the clean and dry intimate wash for women.

We're all made beautifully, wonderfully and uniquely. Then why do we have this irrelevant obsession with fairness? After all, a beautiful heart is all that matters.


  1. all is fair for fair

    nicely wrought

  2. Its sad really, fairness ads make it sound as if, dark skin is something to be corrected.

  3. Thats called unfairness of fairness. Its the regress mentality which drive Indian society towards fairness. Well Penned article

  4. Great post. Insecurity about one's attractiveness is a biological necessity for self preservation, but cosmetics companies have discovered new uses for it. The problem lies closer to home in how parents communicate and educate their children about self image and self worth. If they themselves are running behind "appearances," be it physical, material, cultural or financial, is it any surprise that the children learn the same?

  5. I think Indians are the most racist people in the world.. we blame everyone else overseas for treating us different, but how do we treat one of us here in our own motherland.. Great Post!

    1. I cannot agree more. I'm an Indian (dark-skinned) girl living an country full of white Caucasian people.
      Still I think many people from my birth-country hear as much bad about their skin skinc-color as I do (because of its dark skin tone)


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