Monday, 7 May 2012

Days gone by...

When I was a kid, I always wanted to grow up. But now I miss being a kid.  In spite of having spend my childhood across various places India, my memories are vivid and fond. 

Here are some things I loved doing as kid, but very rarely/never do it now :

travelling on a cycle rickshaw
playing caroms, ludo, snake and ladder and many other indoor games
and outdoor games like hide and seek, chor-police, skipping etc
quarreling over petty issues with my elder brother 
writing letters 
watching Doordarshan on a black and white
attending drawing classes
sharpening my pencils repeatedly
making faces
jumping around in an insane manner
licking and adoring "Little Hearts"
devouring a Tinkle/ Tintin/ Archie comic
staring at anything/ anyone
the long summer vacations
admiring and dressing up my Barbie and other dolls
riding a bi-cycle
smelling my books
having a collection of "silly" stuff
applying fevicol on to my fingers and later pulling it off
finishing off my homework early
writing on the black board
singing loudly in the bathroom
scribbling on the last page of a notebook
and many other things.


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