Thursday, 24 May 2012

Petrol price hike: Switch to cycling

Bam! Petrol has become dearer and more exquisite with a price hike of Rs.7.50 per litre. It will now cost Rs.78.57 per litre in Mumbai as against an earlier Rs 70.66. Opposition, protests,strikes to follow. But they hardly help.

So, friends its time to switch to cycles. Listed below are some of the benefits of cycling:

Source: Google images

1. Helps save money, as there is no requirement for petrol, gas or parking fees. Moreover, does not require insurance as well.

2. Is pollution free and does not contribute to global warming.

3. Cycling is good for over all health and helps reduce weight and keeps you in shape.

4. Improves the strength of your muscles and makes your legs stronger.

5. Strengthens the immune system, and helps prevent cardio vascular diseases.

6. Improves mental heath by reducing anxiety, depression and stress.

7. Saves time, as it is faster than walking and can easily breeze through heavy traffic.

8. Increases your life span.

9.  More cycles will lead to less traffic congestion and more space; thereby making our cities more livable.

10. Travelling becomes more enjoyable.

What more to say? With the repetitive price hikes what else can be done?


  1. I was planning to get a bike after monsoon.. but this post touched me.. cycle hi lega :)

  2. Cycling is okay for short distances. We should have more mass transport systems for long-distance travel.

    Expert Eyes

  3. very relevant suggestion. cities like singapore have done a lot to promote cycling as a green initiative as have countries like norway and denmark. in india, focus on mass transit that is comfortable and adequate, and last mile coverage for metros and train lines will make a big difference. we also need dedicated lanes for cyclists in order to make it safer. thanks for sharing, jessy.


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