Wednesday, 2 May 2012

10 Interesting facts about Shakespeare

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This afternoon, I was reading about William Shakespeare and his works as a part of my course in English Literature and I came upon some interesting facts about him. Here's some for you.

1. After the writers of the Bible, Shakespeare is the second most quoted writer.

2. The word "assassination" was invented by Shakespeare. 

3. William Shakespeare, known to be the world's immortal poet and dramatist and  regarded to be one of the greatest figures of literature, has not attended university.

4. He wrote his first play, when he around 25 years old.

5. Shakespeare began his career by working as an actor.

6. On an average he wrote two plays a year, thirty seven in all. Apart from this he also wrote 154 sonnets and two long narrative poems.

7. He never published any of his plays. Shakespeare wanted his plays to be performed on stage, and was not interested in having them printed and read.

8. Shakespeare borrowed extensively from all possible sources which included earlier plays, histories and poems.

9. He married Anne Hathway at the age of 18. She was 26 and pregnant at the time of their wedding. They had 3 children together. His only grand daughter died childless. Shakespeare therefore does not have descendants. 

10. Nobody knows his actual birthday but he is believed to have lived till he was 52.


  1. interesting indeed...there many be descendants...if not direct then form of cousins..etc etc etc!!

  2. He possibly should have had indirect relatives...:)

  3. Thanks for sharing this info... But I should admit that I hate reading William Shakespeare's works... I read only summaries ;)

    village girl

  4. Now I have heard one does not know if the person who claimed to be Shakespeare was the one who wrote the play or a man from Italy. Much of the settings of the play tend to be in or near about Italy. How do you respond?

    1. Some critics do claim so...could be possible.

  5. hmmm..this is didnt know...not that i know everything there is to know...but this, honestly, i didnt know...came here through some google worm hole...nice...cheers

  6. Nice post.. Unknown facts...
    After watching the film Omkara, I read the summary of its source, Shakespeare's play Othello. Eventually i explored more about his plays and their film adaptions. I even was obsessed with his works for some days. That was the time I regretted I shouldn't have chosen engineering course, and literature instead..


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