Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Why do Indians spit in public places?

The other day I was travelling in a public bus and had a very distasteful experience. As always, I was lost in my thoughts when I happened to notice that the girl sitting ahead of me was spitting away continuously from out of the bus window on to the road. It was around 7.30 pm and the road was heavy with traffic. For a while I kept quiet and when I saw her repeating her act I completely lost it.

I called out to her and asked her ," Aap kya kar rahe ho? tukh kyon rahe ho? She stared back at me and snapped, " Thukna aa raha hai isliye thukh rahi hu". I retorted back," Aap kho dik nahi raha hai, raste mein kitne sare log hai, unke upar gira tho? Without uttering a single word she turned away and later got off at the next bus stop.

She was well dressed and looked educated. If people like her don't think twice before spitting on to a busy road then what can I say about the uneducated rickshaw and taxi wallas.

A few years ago brand new compartments were installed in the local trains of Mumbai. Not even a month or two went by that there were red stains of paan spit in both the interiors and exteriors of the trains.

I have to share another gruesome incident. Once after my late shift at work I was heading back home. On reaching my station I got off the train and began walking in the opposite direction, when someone from the gents compartment spat. And he spat on me. I was paralysed with shock for a minute and then by the time i wanted to shout, scream and yell at whoever it was, the train had already started moving. Absolute disgust. I mean how could anyone do that. And that too paan. My clothes were completely stained and i was stinking of paan. Ew!! Since that day I stay away from moving trains as you never know when some jerk would be in a mood to spit.

As long as Indians are addicted to paan and gutka, spitting is bound to happen. And don't they realise that spitting causes the spread of hazardous diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, swine flu and the likes. 

According to Indian Law spitting in public places is strictly prohibited. But who cares? Recently the Western Railway introduced dustbins all across the different stations in Mumbai. Sadly these bins contain less of rubbish and are used more like a public paan spittoon.

Well its high time, Indians, wake up. Learn to keep your public places clean. Make India spit free.


  1. Spitting without a care and damned be anyone who happens to be around, digging ones nose in public, burping loudly....are hardly qualities which people of an emerging economic power display. India is all about numbers and size - the sheer power of over one billion consumers. Big on quantity & low on quality. India is set to remain a third world outpost as long as quality remains low.


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