Saturday, 7 April 2012

The simple things in life

According to a recent research, it is the simple things of life that makes us the most  happiest. Surprisingly all these simple things come free and can prove to be immensely satisfying. In between the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to take a minute in order to cherish such memorable moments. Some simple things that I have relished in my life:

  • the sound of laughter
  • smell of an old book
  • warmth of a hug from a close one
  • the smell that lingers from out of the kitchen when mom cooks something interesting
  • feeling that I get when I'm completely drenched in the rain
  • smell of the first rain
  • walking through rain puddles
  • the chirping of the birds
  • licking melted chocolate
  • hearing the right song at the right time
  • the realization that I get early in morning, that I have some more time to sleep
  • the view from outside my window
  • satisfaction of making someone smile
  • a ride behind my best friend on her bike
  • pure silence
  • an unexpected compliment
  • a quiet long walk
  • cuddling and tickling a baby
  • narrating a story to a little one
  • a picnic
  • an unexpected phone call from an old friend
  • the stories my grandma would tell me
  • a good book
  • a breath taking view
  • chilled water, when I'm really thirsty
  • a good laugh over a good joke
  • the cool early morning breeze
  • the smell of fresh coffee
  • sweetness of ripe, yellow mangoes
And the list goes on...

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