Saturday, 21 April 2012

Para-sailing and other Adventure Sports in Goa

I dream of flying, of touching the cool blue sky.

And this dream came true on my visit to Calangute Beach, Goa. I'm not much of (read not at all) an adventurous person, but when friends insist, its difficult to say no. So I thought, fair enough, lets try something new, and signed up for the water adventure games.

First, was jet-skiing that was quite enjoyable and the least intimidating. Then came the the banana ride, in which my friends and I were put on to an inflatable boat that was actually shaped like a banana. This boat was then connected to a speed boat that took us across the sea and simply and very unexpectedly threw us all out into the water. Getting flung into the sea can be quite alarming and much like a nightmare that's come true. Never again.

Next came the bumper ride, the one that was the scariest of all. God, and it went on and on, into the water and out again, and I thought it would never end. Phew!

Then there was another ride on a speed boat and finally came the most awaited one, Para sailing.

 Para sailing was pure fun and was extremely enjoyable. It felt as if I was flying, high and above, and the best part was the mesmerizing view of the sea, the sky and the coastline. It was absolutely great!

At the end of the day, though I was scared and shivery, I had tried some new things and had come across the amazing experience of para sailing. So it was worth it and memorable indeed.

If you happen to visit Goa, then you should definitely try para sailing and also the other water games. The best time to visit Goa, and try water sports is soon after the monsoons, when the sky is clear and the water calm.


  1. hey good blog boss..will visit again ASAP:)wishes

  2. That's nice... even I tried this and was amazing.

  3. sounds great. don't know if i will ever gather the courage needed to try this out.

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