Tuesday, 17 April 2012

10 Things I Love About Mumbai

At times the crowd, the noise and the traffic drives me insane, but Mumbai, definitely is one of the best places to live in. This city that never sleeps, has a place for anyone and everyone. Some things that I like about Mumbai:

Photo credit : Benjie Rajan (MediaHouse Mumbai)
  1. The resilience and the Spirit of Mumbai - Floods, riots, terror attacks. They've all come and gone. But Mumbai keeps moving on no matter what. Nothing at all has managed yet to dampen this enthusiasm of the Mumbaikars.
  2. Opportunities galore - This is one factor that makes Mumbai a favorite destination for beginners. Mumbai has a job for everyone, be it big or small. The opportunities are never ending which makes Mumbai, the city where dreams come true.
  3. Marine Drive - In the evenings and during the monsoons, this place is a must visit. A perfect place to go for a walk or simply relax and get some fresh air.
  4. The Bombay Duck or the "bombil"- The most delicious fish ever, found mostly in Mumbai, an all time culinary delight. There's nothing like some piping hot fried bombil starters.
  5. Safe and secure - The best thing about Mumbai is that you can wear anything you want, have a crazy haircut, sport a weird look, and live with it. Mumbai allows people of all kind to blend in. Moreover, women can travel at any time of the day or night without being bothered.
  6. Street shopping - Its fun to street shop in Mumbai and you sure can pick up some very good stuff at amazingly cheap rates. 
  7. Variety of food - The roadside stalls offer cheap food that tempt your taste buds and leave you craving for more. 
  8. The local trains - Running from one end of the city to another, the local trains are considered as the lifeline of the city. Though crowded during the peak hours, the trains are the easiest,cheapest and the least time consuming mode of transport.
  9. Variety of people -Different people, different races, different languages and culture. In short you can get a glimpse of the whole of India within this city. Also it is a wonderful experience getting to meet people from all walks of life.
  10. Bollywood - Mumbai is home to the world's largest film making industry with a production of  more than 1000 films every year. Wherever you go within the city, you can see the influence of Bollywood on the common man.


  1. Great list. I love the city for a lot of the same reasons.
    I don't like #4 much & do not agree completely with #5 (You DO get stared at! Especially if you're a girl). :)

    1. Oh yes, when it comes to girls, you are right.

  2. aah, the Mumbai masala magic, huh!

  3. Very useful and informative post..:-)

  4. Mumbai is a city of lights, of dreams, of many many people and the mad rush they’re all in, but I still love it!
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