Saturday, 24 March 2012


Across many vigorous moments of time,
Very many varied seasons of life,
Beneath the sheets, between the leisure,
Within the music, beyond the pressure,
Over the streets, amidst the chaos;
I hear a voice, so clear, I pause.

I search and search with earnestness,
Though repelled by foolishness,
But not a soul in sight I see,
So discarding it as just a feel,
I move ahead with wonder,
And in tranquility I ponder.

With life I went on just the same,
On and on playing the game,
And that was when he came to being,
Out of the world or so was he to me,
More than magical I thought,
Happiness to heart he brought,
With silent whispers, thoughts and flowers,
Promises umpteen like showers,

And so I thought his was the voice,
Rejoicing that I’d made the choice,
But soon the flowers did fade away,
And promises dwindled away.
The search was on now yet again,
And the voice resounded in the pain,

Clearer and louder it beckoned me on,
Gently yet swiftly it drew me through,
Into my nerves a panic rushed,
But soon enough there was a touch.

And so I looked and behold I saw,
A man, His face shining as sun,
With hair like wool and demeanor bright, 
And as I looked he stretched his arms,
Inviting me towards his self,

And then the voice I heard I again,
Gushing like streams out from his lips,
With pouring tears reached out to Him,
At His bosom I felt at peace,
Now I knew His was the voice,
That called and drew me all this while,
Though I didn't know, He knew me still;

My Jesus Christ, my friend, my love,
The voice that said, “I love you dear”

Photo credit: Blessy Mathew

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