Saturday, 24 March 2012


From beyond the horizon
A voice beckons
I hear, I feel, I realize.

Blood gushing out like streams of water,
Bodies lying forsaken one over the other,
Cries of despair, screams of terror;
Gunshots as they resound in the air.

The smell of death strangles the breath,
Shivers run down the spine,
Fear lurks all over the scape;
Numbs the heart, binds the veins

Nations raging against nations
Religion against religion
Humanity against humanity
War in the name of peace. 
It devours me, pulls me in.

From beyond the horizon a light shines,
A sparkling light of hope,
Hope of a better tomorrow.

I wake up.

It was a dream.

Photo Credit: Benjie Rajan (MediaHouse Mumbai)


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