Sunday, 25 March 2012

GO GOA - Part 1

It all began one fine afternoon over lunch.

Soon enough plans were made, tickets were booked, and leaves were applied for. 
Seven girls – on a trip to Goa.  

Finally after much anticipation the day arrived, and we boarded the 5.20am Jan Shatabdi from Dadar, Mumbai to Thivim, Goa.  The train started moving and our hearts squealed with happiness. Though we had planned the trip around two months in advance, closer to the date there were a series of issues that showed up and our plans were almost about to get cancelled. However, we all wanted to “GO GOA” and yes we did.

Before I go ahead I would like to introduce each one of us.

Melissa D’cunha – tour planner and host (we were all put up at Melissa’s in-laws' place)

Priyanka Rao – the bold and beautiful, absolute foodie (mother to a 4 year old adorable girl and wife to a very “SWEET” husband)

Rashmila Pirankar – the one and only entertainer (also the one who keeps falling all the time, in love and otherwise)

Belleta Noronha – the WILD one (always hungry for adventure)

Sweety Anto – the official comedian on board

Poulomi Bhattacharjee – the hottie, who carried the whole of Mumbai in her suitcase

Jessy John – the meekest and gentlest of all ;) and FB updater (myself)

Now its time to move ahead…

The 8 hours of train time went by quickly. Games. Snacks. Sleep. Music. And then it was time to get off. From the station we were driven to Melissa’s place where we were welcomed by her mom- in law (Aunty) and Rambo (the dog).

After freshening up we all went ahead did some really adventurous stuff!

Guess what???

SLEPT. Slept like little babies. Funny!

After our beauty nap we went on to Melissa’s cashew farm. Tasted some ripe cashews. Explored the farm and clicked a million pictures.

Back home we clicked and posed for another million pictures and after a sumptuous dinner prepared by Aunty, and a whole lot of  discussions and pulling off each others legs, we went off to sleep again.  

Melissa dreamt of her husband, Priyanka of Goan food, in particular lobsters. Rashmila dreamt  of a "couple dance" sequence on the beach, Belleta of discos and lights, Sweety of  participating in Comedy Circus, Poulomi of sun and sand and Jessy merely slept. :)


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