Sunday, 25 March 2012

GO GOA - Part 1

It all began one fine afternoon over lunch.

Soon enough plans were made, tickets were booked, and leaves were applied for. 
Seven girls – on a trip to Goa.  

Finally after much anticipation the day arrived, and we boarded the 5.20am Jan Shatabdi from Dadar, Mumbai to Thivim, Goa.  The train started moving and our hearts squealed with happiness. Though we had planned the trip around two months in advance, closer to the date there were a series of issues that showed up and our plans were almost about to get cancelled. However, we all wanted to “GO GOA” and yes we did.

Before I go ahead I would like to introduce each one of us.

Melissa D’cunha – tour planner and host (we were all put up at Melissa’s in-laws' place)

Priyanka Rao – the bold and beautiful, absolute foodie (mother to a 4 year old adorable girl and wife to a very “SWEET” husband)

Rashmila Pirankar – the one and only entertainer (also the one who keeps falling all the time, in love and otherwise)

Belleta Noronha – the WILD one (always hungry for adventure)

Sweety Anto – the official comedian on board

Poulomi Bhattacharjee – the hottie, who carried the whole of Mumbai in her suitcase

Jessy John – the meekest and gentlest of all ;) and FB updater (myself)

Now its time to move ahead…

The 8 hours of train time went by quickly. Games. Snacks. Sleep. Music. And then it was time to get off. From the station we were driven to Melissa’s place where we were welcomed by her mom- in law (Aunty) and Rambo (the dog).

After freshening up we all went ahead did some really adventurous stuff!

Guess what???

SLEPT. Slept like little babies. Funny!

After our beauty nap we went on to Melissa’s cashew farm. Tasted some ripe cashews. Explored the farm and clicked a million pictures.

Back home we clicked and posed for another million pictures and after a sumptuous dinner prepared by Aunty, and a whole lot of  discussions and pulling off each others legs, we went off to sleep again.  

Melissa dreamt of her husband, Priyanka of Goan food, in particular lobsters. Rashmila dreamt  of a "couple dance" sequence on the beach, Belleta of discos and lights, Sweety of  participating in Comedy Circus, Poulomi of sun and sand and Jessy merely slept. :)


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Keep running

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run with perseverance the race marked out to us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him, endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart”- Hebrews 12:1-3 (NIV)

Whenever I read these verses, I often picture myself to be in a race. A race in which there are several hindrances, several temptations. As I keep running I look towards my left and I see all my problems, my sicknesses, my weaknesses, my failures and towards the right I see sin trying to lure me towards itself. I keep looking here and there and all of a sudden the problems start growing bigger and bigger and sin slowly creeps towards me and entangles me. I try to run but I feel as if I’m bound. I lose my hope, I’m weak and I give up. That’s when I happen to look ahead, straight ahead and I see Jesus, with His arms open wide calling out to me. And then my eyes open and I remember the cross, the cross with all its shame and pain that Jesus bore for my sake. As I remember this I feel as if I’m gaining strength, I rise up with my eyes fixed on Him. I can see Him smiling. I try to run but the hindrances are still there. With no second thought I lift it up and throw it away and in the same manner I cut away from sin that has by now entangled me completely, and I set my feet to run. I start running and wow I can run now. I look ahead and Jesus is still there waiting for me. And I’m running towards Him, with my eyes fixed on Him and one day I’ll be in His arms.

These beautiful verses (Hebrews 12:1-3) have always encouraged me whenever I have felt tired and I’m about to lose heart. It is very easy to keep talking about your problems, to be a pessimist, to give excuses, to fall prey to sin but remember that by doing so you are leaving the race incomplete, the race that has been marked out exclusively for you. Look towards Jesus, consider all the things that He endured on the cross so as to have the complete joy of sitting at the right hand side of the throne of God, His Father. Jesus ignored all the pain just because he was thoroughly excited and thrilled about being seated with His Father in the heavenlies. Jesus probably must have kept dreaming and must have been looking forward for this all the time when He was on planet Earth.

You and I have just to do the same as Jesus. Follow His example. Think of what God, the Father has kept in store for us and ignore the troubles of this world. After all we are co- heirs with Christ, the children of God. So as you keep running throwing away the obstacles and the sin that entangles you and as you reach the finish line, you are going to receive a huge round of applause and a standing ovation by God, the Father, Jesus, all the angels and other heavenly beings. And yes the rewards and crowns will follow. Isn’t this exciting?

Don’t give up, keep running! :)


From beyond the horizon
A voice beckons
I hear, I feel, I realize.

Blood gushing out like streams of water,
Bodies lying forsaken one over the other,
Cries of despair, screams of terror;
Gunshots as they resound in the air.

The smell of death strangles the breath,
Shivers run down the spine,
Fear lurks all over the scape;
Numbs the heart, binds the veins

Nations raging against nations
Religion against religion
Humanity against humanity
War in the name of peace. 
It devours me, pulls me in.

From beyond the horizon a light shines,
A sparkling light of hope,
Hope of a better tomorrow.

I wake up.

It was a dream.

Photo Credit: Benjie Rajan (MediaHouse Mumbai)


Across many vigorous moments of time,
Very many varied seasons of life,
Beneath the sheets, between the leisure,
Within the music, beyond the pressure,
Over the streets, amidst the chaos;
I hear a voice, so clear, I pause.

I search and search with earnestness,
Though repelled by foolishness,
But not a soul in sight I see,
So discarding it as just a feel,
I move ahead with wonder,
And in tranquility I ponder.

With life I went on just the same,
On and on playing the game,
And that was when he came to being,
Out of the world or so was he to me,
More than magical I thought,
Happiness to heart he brought,
With silent whispers, thoughts and flowers,
Promises umpteen like showers,

And so I thought his was the voice,
Rejoicing that I’d made the choice,
But soon the flowers did fade away,
And promises dwindled away.
The search was on now yet again,
And the voice resounded in the pain,

Clearer and louder it beckoned me on,
Gently yet swiftly it drew me through,
Into my nerves a panic rushed,
But soon enough there was a touch.

And so I looked and behold I saw,
A man, His face shining as sun,
With hair like wool and demeanor bright, 
And as I looked he stretched his arms,
Inviting me towards his self,

And then the voice I heard I again,
Gushing like streams out from his lips,
With pouring tears reached out to Him,
At His bosom I felt at peace,
Now I knew His was the voice,
That called and drew me all this while,
Though I didn't know, He knew me still;

My Jesus Christ, my friend, my love,
The voice that said, “I love you dear”

Photo credit: Blessy Mathew

My discovery of “Chick-lit”

I'd often come across the term "chick-lit" during my BA literature days. Never gave it a second thought and never knew that I would begin to like them or rather get hooked to them. Never mind.

Chick-lit basically refers to literature meant for chicks or to be more precise its women's fiction written for and marketed for young women(especially single) .The protagonist in these books are mostly young, stylish, career oriented women who end up doing crazy things in order to fulfil/achieve their equally crazy passions. Any young girl who reads it will definitely ask for more cause it’s fun-filled and surprisingly interesting.

Becky Bloomwood made me smile, chuckle, LAUGH and yes she did make me think too. God, she's hilarious!! Oh yeah let me introduce her....Becky is the "out-of-this-world" character of Sophie Kinsella's "Shopaholic" series who's crazy about shopping; also buying stuff she doesn't need at all. This "sickness" of hers leads her to a hell lot of troubles out of which she manages to escape by the end of the book.Sophie Kinsella is one popular chick-lit author who also writes under the name of Madeleine Wickham. Kinsella worked as a financial journalist before turning to fiction. Also noticeably Becky Bloomwood, her character is a financial journalist too unable to manage her own finances.

Chick-lit has also managed to leave its indelible mark on Indian literature as well. Advaita Kala's "Almost Single" took me by surprise; absolutely fresh and entertaining. Yes it does lack a certain kind of depth and is wickedly irrelevant but it certainly does manage to capture your attention. The story revolves around Aisha Bhatia, a guest relations officer by profession who hates her boss, loves being with her buddies and is single.

Chick-lits are meant to be and will remain to be, having been accepted by literature as a whole genre in itself.

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